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Re: Nikon TC-14III

larrywilson wrote:

Yes, hopefully the tc 1.7EII will be improved in the near future.  Mine sits on the shelf collecting dust.  As far as spending another $500 on the new tc 1.4EIII when my tc 1.4EII works just fine with a lot of af fine tuning is questionable.  Let's see if the new tc 1.4EIII is really any improvement over the existing one?


Yep. It's also hard for me to imagine upgrading to the new 1.4TC would be  that much of an improvement over what I'm getting with it on my 200VR or 500VR (though I might have been interested how it matched up with the 200-400VR I used to have):

Nikon D4 ,Nikkor 200mm f/2G IF-ED AF-S VR ,TC 14 E III 1/3200s f/2.8 at 280.0mm iso4000


On the other hand, if a new TC 1.7 TC is a big improvemnt, I can see a use for it on either of my two "super tele" lenses.

The TC 20 E III matches very nicely with the f/2  200VR (but not nearly as well with the f/4  500VR):

Nikon D4 ,Nikkor 200mm f/2G IF-ED AF-S VR ,TC 20 E III 1/5000s f/4.0 at 400.0mm iso3200

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