645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

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Re: between the new Pentax and the top Nikon and Sony cameras...

tex wrote:

...much narrower. I say still evident (Dave Luttman disagrees above, with certain qualifications) and significant for certain types of images. But nothing like in the days of film. But that's just contrasting the Sony and Nikon 36 mp cameras with the Pentax 50mp, and also a much smaller difference in physical size.

Of course theres MF and then theres MF, the largest digital backs represent a similar increase in sensor area relative to FF than FF does relative to ASPC, the new Sony CMOS is a good deal smaller than that.

Personally I'v always doubted that we'd seen Canon or Nikon return to the days of high megapixel bodies as big gripped flagships after the relative failures of the D3x and the 1Ds mk3. It makes much more sense to charge a premium for FF bodies aimed at AF/FPS performance because such bodies will likely remain at the top of the pile and the tool of choice for the top of the market for things like sports shooting. A FF high megapixel body is unlikely to ever be in that position for the resolution/IQ market so best price in lower and make the body smaller as the 5D2 and the D800 had so much success with.

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