Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Can Pentax Make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

Trevor G wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Images shot from a plane , through a plastic window into a heat haze and you complain its not sharp.!!!

Aaaah, you must have missed this one. Shot through the same thick, warped plexiglass window in-between the other two. I wonder how we could explain this, because obviously my technique is wrong:

Ouch, that pic is sharp! Isn't it?

Actually no it not it has been sharpened heavily but if not sharp.

Same shutter speed as the other two, same window, only a few seconds apart. Same heat haze, same everything except for being another exposure.

But it's not the same is it ?

let me try and explain.

Put a straw half in a bowl of water look at it from an angle an lo it's bent at the water line.

Now move you vision perpendicular to the straw wow its now straight.

Now imagine a thick chunk of semi transparent plastic between you and your target and imagine the results as you alter the angle of the camera to this light sink

Building with two lens where the Pentax is sharp only on the left and teh the Nikon if is not sharp at all show the Pentax has QC issues !!

Yep. Have you ever read a lens review? It's pretty hard to find one that doesn't show how sharpness falls off towards the edges. This isn't a Nikon vs Pentax shootout, you know!

Did you read anything I said on field curvature my point on your Nikon and Pentax was both are d-centered but opposite ways according to your images ?

They also have varying DoF across your plane and the Nikon falls out the DoF differently than the Pentax

i.e both are within spec and it's only your imagination that makes one acceptable and one not

Why are you so defensive?

? It's not me attempting to defend something that is patently not defensible

What are you going to do if CRK replace or fix my lens?

I'm not going to do anything they may or may not replace the lens what has that todo with your tests and your sigma examples.?

I've even offered to pay them to align/check the K200D as well, because all I want is a good DA50 f1.8.

I say again my point has nothing to-do with Pentax / Nikon / Sigma my point is your test and examples prove nothing.

If all you want is a good DA50 f1.8 then what is all this your spouting in two threads about ?

And I think I'll end up with one.

I think you may have already had one

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