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Add jack for ext mic and/or ext flash.

salla30 wrote:

Im curious. If the audio is critical, is there the possibility to record the HQ audio separately and then splice it together later?

I can understand it being a bit of a bummer, especially with all the fine capabilities of the III re video. If not hot shoe, perhaps sony could have put an ext mic socket?

Options are not for everyone, neither are conversion lenses, but, at these prices, options ought to exist. Think of it as a 'fixed lens' camera System.

My R1 has a jack to synchronize a Big Flash mounted in it's Cold Shoe. There is no reason why they cannot make an audio jack, or a multi jack that could handle either and/or both flash and audio.

Mounted to what?

No hot or cold shoe needed, they make extension bars that mount to the bottom tripod socket, and you can mount an external flash or mic on it (adjustable distance, the flash or mic slides along in a slot till you tighten it. Works handheld or on a tripod. A wireless mic could work with a receiver mounted on the bar, plugged into the multi jack.

As for M3 audio, there is mention of better (less or uncompressed) audio, perhaps it will be better:

Audio Format : XAVC S: LPCM 2ch; AVCHD:Dolby Digital(AC-3) 2ch(Dolby Digital Stereo Creator); That doesn't improve the tiny mics in the camera.

You can record audio separately and sync it later, but, add the equipment, and is it compact anymore? amateurs like me don't know or want to take the time to learn or do that.

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