Sony's low resale value

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Re: Sony's low resale value

CM L wrote:

I know photographers want to keep the prices up, but I think it's unreasonable.

Used goods is used goods, and if you say it's in mint condition there's still the risk that it isnt and warranty may or may not be hassle. Other products dont even hold value as well as cameras and lenses. It's just the way it is. I personally wont pay more than 60ish% of CURRENT list price for used electronics, its simply not a good enough deal and then I rather play it safe and buy new. Niether do I expect people to pay more than that when I sell stuff, its reasonable.

When I see used cameras with prices just a few percent lower than new I wonder what the sellers are thinking, and who possibly would buy their gear.

I dont think i could find a used canon 5d3 for 60% of its current list price.

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