Huge Deal Breaker - Sony RX 100 iii (3)

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Re: Not really

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

Not practical for a few reasons IMO.

Harder to get to any switches directly on the microphone if the mic is able to switch pick up patterns. If you want to keep the rig assembled in the camera bag I would not put the weight no matter how small on an accessory like that under the camera. Potential of bad connections to ports on the camera if they are designed to be used right side up plus if you use a bracket it will get in the way and mounting to tripod head may be challenging.

I would buy a second RX 100 ii before the RX 3 if I ever needed that.

My post was a jest. I owned one of the Rollei 35s back in the day and the hot shoe arrangement was at best a poor kludge. TBH, I'm not even sure there's room on the bottom plate, I was just making the point that there's certainly no room on the top plate at present.

One possibility would be to eliminate the pop-up flash. I wonder how often people use that? I've never used mine.

Built-in flash is immensely useful feature in a compact camera. Even on advanced/pro cameras where they make little sense, absence of built in flash helps make some very loud noise.

And ability to bounce is an icing on top. In fact it is tue only way I tend to use flash on my NEX-6 (and it has a hotshoe). I almost never use built-in flash on my a55 though... would if it had bounce feature.

This is YMMV.  The flash is very low powered, so if you bounce it you really don't get much illumination.  If you don't, you just get wash-out and red-eye.  I think I've extended mine once, just to see how they implemented the tilting head (very well done).  But as I said, YMMV and that's fine.

When you start looking for higher powered external flash, it makes less sense to look for a pocketsble solution, where an increase of 2.3mm in depth is big talk of the day. A GN6 flash does fine for situations indoors via bounce or even direct flash. In fact, unless I am carying a bag of camera, I NEVER carry an external flash for my NEX-6. Doing so completely defeats the point of portability which is the sole point of a compact camera like RX100.

If use of external flash is a must have, I see no point shopping for something like RX100. The other part of the argument is that many believe having hotshoe would be better than including EVF and articulating LCD. I would disagree strongly on that.

I would say that more people probably bought optional EVF for their RX100 than they did an external flash. Those that did, should consider something like NEX-6 or RX10.

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