POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: Clearly the poll has spoken

Sunny Caribe wrote:

Thankfully the poll clearly speaks what paragraphs of truculence fail to convey. A broad majority of people find value in the flexibility that raw files provide. Having lost important photos to the detail-compressing jpeg process, I switched to raw and never looked back.

But that's just me, it's not for everyone. I get that.

But then again, it's not appropriate to ask anyone to justify their choice in the face of scorn driven by the insecurity of those who have made a different choice.

I agree - just like one camera can't fulfill everyone's particular needs. To each his/her own.

HOWEVER, there is one common theme that deserves to be exposed and tossed out: We continually hear people say, "Raw files are too much bother. My workflow is simple. I just import photos [with some cheap/free program], then I open them in [another cheap/free program], then I make some adjustments in [yet another cheap/free program] and, if needed, I'll use [any or all of several cheap/free plugins or standalone apps] and I'm done. Whose got time to mess with raw files???"

Really, people?


True, processing RAW can be fairly simple - but it's not worth the effort until/unless one can better the in-camera JPEG engine. For some, the time/experience required in achieving better is the problem. Knowing which programs to use in what order and with what settings can also be daunting to many and they may not have the time or knowledge to figure it out. I remember a post a while back where someone went through the effort but just couldn't improve upon the camera's JPEG rendering. I believe they could if they only knew how, but honestly it's not real intuitive to the beginner.

For some, your "simple" workflow of running the image through 3 or four separate programs doesn't sound all that simple; to you it is, to others it isn't.  And then there are those who only use a tablet for sharing and viewing images and don't use a full-blown PC or don't want to work in the cloud.

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