Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Can Pentax Make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

Trevor G wrote:

My test is not meant to be scientifically accurate but to show people how to go about seeing exactly why their len(es) don't work as they would expect.

Where is fails on all counts.

your test introduces so many inconsistencies that introduce optical error in such large amounts that any alignment issue with the lens would be hidden by your test errors.

As has been pointed out an alignment issue is measured in 1000th of an inch your tests are not even accurate to inches.

In any test the point where introduced error always invalidates any conclusion is 1:10

your errors are in the region 1:2000 hence my incredulity that not only would you propose it as a valid test but you would see fit to start two threads off the back of it with contentious subject lines.

I'm not defending Ricoh/Pentax/Sigma or anyone else I'm saying your tests prove nothing your examples are to but it mildly absurd.

Images shot from a plane , through a plastic window into a heat haze and you complain its not sharp.!!!

Building with two lens where the Pentax is sharp only on the left and teh Nikon if not sharp at all show the Pentax has QC issues !!

I have to conclude your having a laugh.!

Your lens may or maybe not faulty but your tests do not show one way or the other.

I've shown you how to correctly test for decnetering using Siemens Stars it easy and conclusive and you could post uncontroversial proof your 19 lens were faulty.

But no you prefer to defend your untenable viewpoint and assume it others actions that discredit you ?

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