Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

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Re: Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

Sulis2 wrote:

Rumour is that the Fuji X30 will have a 1" sensor - but I very much doubt that they will be able to make the overall camera anything like as compact as the RX100m3.

It's worth reading Thom Hogan's latest article on the RX100m3, basically saying that Sony has got the iteration process right with the RX100 - staying far enough ahead so that the competition are only competing with your previous model...

I don't think other manufacturers even need to compete directly with the RX100. I would actually like a 1" sensor fixed lens camera a bit larger than the RX100's without the compromises that go into making the camera pocketable (like leaving off the hotshoe and restricting the lens to 70mm). Something between the RX10 and the RX100.

Canon could have had it with the G1X Mark II but for a lousy sensor and useless video function.

So I see plenty of room in the market for a fully featured compact a bit larger than the RX100's - be it a Fuji X30, Canon G17 or a Nikon P8000. I'm really looking forward to see what other manufacturers come up with in the near future.

Canon G1x is also significantly big. In fact, it less pocketable than an E-mount APSc camera.

The other issue that you find limiting is "24-70" range and yet you promote a fixed FL lens as being better? I think the 24-70mm equiv, 1.8-2.8 exposure formula is excellent. Hot shoe being another issue... if one needs a hotshoe on a camera where people are mking a fuss about an additional 2.3mm depth, what exactly would a hotshoe do (which would add as much if not more to the height), much less carry accessories that go on it while easily doubling if not tripling the size to carry?

Built-in bounce flash is a smarter solution. The only mishap is missing headphone socket (the only reason hotshoe would make any sense would be since Sony has been integrating that into MI interface).

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