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Re: Watch quality (more)

viking79 wrote:

I bought some Fotasy extension tubes for Sony E mount, and they literally fell apart on me dropping my lens. The screws through the mount go into cheap soft plastic and were stripped. My lens didn't fall to the ground, but it did lean far forward and if the last screw failed it would have fallen on the ground. It was my Sigma 60mm so not expensive at least. (The Sigma 60 appears to make a great macro lens on tubes, didn't get to use it enough to know for sure, but seemed pretty sharp the few shots I took).

My point is check construction of each individual adapter you get to make sure screws are firmly attached. I don't know how the linked brand is, but the Fotasy one was very marginal. I wouldn't mount anything heavier than a light emount lens on it (like the Sigma 60mm would have been fine if 3 out of 4 screws weren't stripped from the factory).


I really looked over all of the different brands of macro tubes on eBay.  There was one brand, do not recall the name, but you could tell by the photos that they were poorly made with low quality standards.    I used both tubes with my 70-200 and had no problems with them.  I held the whole thing by the lens of course.........

There is some play in them, but again.....   these are $43 and Kenko's are $180.

I will say, the strength of these tubes seems to be fine for the light weight FE lenses.  Not sure I would be happy using it heavier glass though.

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