POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

sherman_levine wrote:

Nothing posted in this thread because the advantages are pretty much "old news" for those who (IMHO appropriately) find them useful. Here's one example.


For your properly-exposed ISO 200 images, the Raw vs JPG discussion is of course moot. Nobody's arguing that one is better than the other in that setting. Indeed, you've chosen in-camera setup values for your JPGs which minimize the camera's processing, precisely for the same reason that some of use Raw. That approach works for your images, but not for others such as the example in my link above

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Thank-you for responding with raw photographic evidence.  I remember the thread that you reference, and I have reviewed it again.  I agree that, for the exposure that you made, raw processing is obviously beneficial.  My question is this: why did you make that exposure?  The camera's histogram should have indicated blown-out highlights.  If possible, reducing contrast via setting the camera's contrast to its minimum value might/should have resulted in fewer blown-out highs.  Perhaps a jpg post-processed to restore dynamic range would then have been about equivalent to post-processing a raw file.  My conclusion here is:  1. an unadjusted exposure of a too wide dynamic range is better corrected by post-processing a raw file than a unadjusted jpg.  2. there is no evidence here that a jpg file, that was adjusted to compensate for a too wide dynamic range via in-camera contrast setting plus post-processing, would be deficient to a post-processed raw file.

Thanks for looking.

David Dollevoet

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