Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Can Pentax Make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

Trevor G wrote:

awaldram wrote:

I would say your issue is perception.

the top image is your Nikon the bottom your Pentax ,

One of them is very poor even for a cheap lens and it ain’t the Pentax !

Why do you keep attacking me, to discredit me?

Why do you think disagreeing with your conclusions and pointing out why I disagree is attacking you?

You start a thread

"Can Pentax Make A Decent Lens?  Ricoh have not fixed QC issues..."

But show images that clearly show that Nikon has more QC issue than the Ricoh from your examples

How do you expect me to respond ?

I begin to think both your threads are nothing but flamebait and wouldn’t be surprised if both are not locked shortly.

You scurrilous accusation of attack and deliberately provocative stance leads me to think your just Trolling.

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