Hiking/travel tripod: Sirui ET1204 or T-1205X; or Gitzo GT1542T, GT1544T, or GK1580TQ4?

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Re: Hiking/travel tripod: Sirui ET1204 or T-1205X; or Gitzo GT1542T, GT1544T, or GK1580TQ4?

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I have been reading and studying the responses on this thread over the past week. After doing some research I am leaning toward the Gitzo GT1542T and am now looking at ballheads to go with it. I think I like the Really Right Stuff BH-30 LR which has the quick release lever looks like a good match, but am not 100% sure on this. I definitely want an Arca compatible setup. There may be other small ball heads for me to still research, but my question is regarding the plates. RRS seems to not have an X-T1 plate in stock and the Fuji base plates seem to be backordered or in short supply everywhere. I also read about RRS B2-40 LR quick release plate not being compatible with a number of Markins, AcraTech, Arca-Swiss, and some Kirk plates. Anyone have experience with using some of the generic Arca compatible plates that can recommend a specific generic plate to use with my X-T1 and X-E2 to use with the RRS quick release plate? Or should I go a different route for a compact ball head and plates? Thanks.

The dove tail plates are not cross compatible in my experience. The odd one works ok on some cameras e.g. Cullmann works on Surui, some Sirui work on Cullmann, but neitehr works well with RRS ...

I think you should be absolutely fine with the BH-25 for the X-T1. I used the BH-25 with the D300s and D800 plus 70-200/2.8 Af-S ... never had any issues with that weight. I use the BH-30 on one of my tripods and the BH-25 on another one, most of the time I couldn't care which one I use, both excellent choices regarding usability! Very well made too ...

The plates are exceptionally well made, if you have ever used a different plate, it is like coming home if you use an original one ...

I am usually pretty relaxed about brand loyalty, not in any boat as such, but the RRS just very well made, simple as that.



Your response was very helpful.  Thanks for the comments on the BH-25.  I will take a look at it as well. It sounds like the BH-25 would work for the occasional time that I use my Canon 5d Mk III with the 16-35 or 70-300 lens as I can't imagine it would be as heavy as your full frame Nikon with the 70-200/2.8.

You have confirmed by thoughts that I need to be careful with the plates.  I really would like to have the RRS plate for the X-T1 but it is not available.  I am trying to decide whether I can find a generic RRS plate or other plate to use with it while I wait for it to become available.  Thanks so much for your reply.

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