a6000 vs A7 usage comparison at a big event

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Re: Cannot concur

I use EVF and/or focus zoom assigned to the C2 button on the back to confirm focus. Sometimes it can be hard to be sure where the focal point is located, depending on the mode. That's why I usually use small spot center and realign, but the A6000 is fast and accurate enough that I may start using the floating squares, more.

At one point it could not attain focus at all, even with quite good night lighting. Weird.

With so many settings and environmental variables, it's tough to say. It does seem like you had motion blur in your pics, though.

Also on other pictures the noise seems pretty bad, even if I have a1600 iso limit. Some spots are noisy, really dark areas are just smeared clean of any detaiL. Hi iso NR is set to low.

OOC JPEGs will always have either noise or smearing at higher ISO. If you really need pixel peeping level detail, pretty much any APS-C is going to require RAW PP to get it perfect.

That said, the NR in your pics is obtrusive; what I'd refer to as 'clumpy' in that you aren't just getting averaging artifacts at the pixel level but in large groups across the image visible at less than 100%. Unfortunately, that's a problem with this camera I've been finding. JPEG NR is not good, so I turn it off. I'm hoping a FW revision can help, but it didn't for Samsung with their earlier models which had similarly bad performance.

When looking at some low light ISO-3200 JPEGs I had from my former X100 (generally considered a good low light APS-C camera despite being older) and then replicating them with the A6000, it initially seemed Sony JPEGs were noisier, but that's 24MP vs 12MP at the uncorrected pixel level. When you correct for resolution that changes a fair bit.

Thanks for your useful comments. I see you know what you're doing.

I didn't know you could use magnification with AF. And if AF is as unusable as it used to be on the NEX models, then why include it?

As for the NR & smearing. I will try the shots again using different variables. Less sharpening, no NR, mulitframe NR etc

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