The future of mFT and cameras in general?

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Re: Camera sales are returning to NORMAL levels!

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We're at the point now that cameras are GOOD ENOUGH for many advanced photographers that they are keeping them and not buying the latest model anymore. We'll see more of this in the coming years.

I believe this is not full truth. As we -customers- really don´t se great performance increments, but something like 4FPS in game, 1FPS in continuous shooting in camera, not really important, so we don´t have the reason to consume. Manufacturers slowed down, not customers in many cases. I won´t buy generally the same gear year after year.

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Why does he do it?

This is a good point but in reality supports the argument that more aware consumers are being more selective and therefore buying the features they need for use over a longer period.

Despite the rationality of many consumers many will still buy for style and what others buy influences their style. Therefore many will still buy entry level dslr camera kits because style and "all good photographers have one" rather than if it is really the most suitable for their needs.

As much as the 4-wd and SUV are sold when an ordinary utility or station waggon might do better for their needs and be more economical to run. Not that I might tell people what vehicle that they should own any more than I can advise someone not to buy a kit dslr when a nice new Olympus would serve them better.

The tradesman driving a 4wd 4.5 litre turbo-charged diesel utility to work is following the marketers dream rather than practicality. We might find parallel thought in camera purchases.

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Tom Caldwell

My daughter in law would not be caught dead in a mini-van. So what does she buy, what I call "swing door van". A big, utilitarian, "van like", SUV that is built on a car chassis, that in every way except name a minivan. And she is very happy with her SUVan.


Yes they are sold on the lie that they have more room - more room means that a big battlecruiser pram fits inside unlike the cheaper, quite capable, umbrella type pram that we used to cart around in our smaller vehicles.  Bigger means that you can see over the top of all other vehicles except other SUV vehicles.  Bigger means you feel safer and can crush any small vehicle in your path - except another SUV.  And of course SUV vehicles are not subject to such stringent crash testing rules and are easier to roll if you should try.

Bigger means more "butch" for the blokes as they watch advertisements showing the vehicles fly through flood water at speed well beyond those that might be safe.  Or have them climbing mountains to balance precariously on cliff edge.  Reality is wife trying to fit same into the parking lot and rear vision cameras to make sure you don't back over the odd child.

I our case we had family sedans until we arrived at five children when a VW Caravelle seemed more appropriate (and was) but when the kids started leaving home a smaller vehicle was just as good again.  I don't think our quality of life or transport suffered and those overloaded ark SUV's on holidays show that a bit more packing sense might make a normal vehicle just as good.  The bigger vehicle still does not get everything inside - it just means it can get away with a larger roof rack.

In the end what makes people happy is what makes them happy.

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Tom Caldwell

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