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May I ask why

Lea5 wrote:

The contract with my former company is over and so I'm leaving Nikon after 7 years. The NPS-Card is in the envelope and will go to the post-office. Thank you very much for all the help when I was a starter with Nikon equipment and thank you for all the good conversations. I dive in from time to time in this forum. Have a good time and bye

I assume you're moving to Canon, since that's what your gear list seems to indicate. However, I'm curious to know why you're moving to Canon. Neither brand is perfect, and Nikon does have some shortcomings. I had to decide between the two brands a couple of years ago (Sony just wasn't cutting it for me), and I picked Nikon because

  • Canon sensors across the lineup can't match certain Nikon cameras in terms of DR, especially when shadow recovery comes into play. If you compare the 7D/60D and D7000, or 5D III and D600/800, the Nikon camera wins by quite a bit with low ISO DR.
  • Canon FF cameras can handle high ISOs pretty well, but Nikon has cameras with that capability too. The D3s (which I got late last year) comes to mind. With a D600 and a D3s, I have high-res, high DR and good performance at very high ISOs. I can't achieve both with a Canon setup
  • F-mount offers native compatibility with old manual focus lenses
  • Little things, like being able to use DX lenses on FX cameras, having crop modes, the 5D III not having UHS-1 support
  • The thumb dial on Nikon models feels more natural to reach (than the wheel on Canon models).
  • Somehow I like the feel of Nikon models more. This is really subjective, but somehow Canon cameras feel more hollow, as if they're bigger than they need to be.

What do you like about Canon, or what problems did you have with Nikon?

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