POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

AlGunther wrote:

sherman_levine wrote:

Given current software, raw is, if anything, simpler.--


OK, that's something I've not read before. Is that true for the SIKYPIX Studio 3.1 SE that came with my camera? I've read that it's not that easy to use. If the latter is true, what software are you suggesting? If it's not true, where can I best find suggestions on getting started processing raw?


I tend to shoot at higher ISOs (400-1600) and haven't been happy with the out-of-camera JPGs, but can do much better with the .RW2 files.

For me, saving as RAW+JPG is a nuisance, because I never remember which images I'm using as JPGs and which from RAW, so saving as RAW only makes my life simpler.

One caveat - the major problem with raw processors is that they tend to support a camera only after it's been released for a while - but for the moment assume that your camera's supported (FZ200, FZ70 are supported by all the major products )

Microsoft is similarly tardy at displaying thumbnails for raw images. I purchased a copy of the FastPictureViewer codec pack, which is much more up-to-date.

SP3.1SE is rather old - As far as I can tell their only update is the modification required to  handle new cameras - and I guess panasonic has an arrangement with them to have the update available by the time the camera's released to the public.

The new version of SP is better, but quite expensive as I recall.

I find that Photo Ninja does an excellent job of noise reduction and rescue of over- and under-exposed areas.   PN does not automatically perform geometric correction at wide angle, so you'll need to do those manually

I have less personal experience with DXO and the Adobe products.  DXO and Adobe do perform geometric corrections automatically.

My workflow is

1. Initial cull with FastStone or Irfanview (which display the JPG imbedded within the Raw)

2. Process the images individually in the Raw processor.  I always do a bit of cropping, so I need to work one image at a time anyway.

3. Convert in batch to JPG for posting and albums.


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