No more Nx2. Welcome to NXD!

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Re: No more Nx2. Welcome to NXD!

mjevans wrote:

The more I think of this the more I'm annoyed at the potential loss of my Capture NX2 edits. It doesn't help much right now but I'm investigating ways of safe guarding my edits and hence I've done a small update to my nefrename Perl script to save MakerNotes (see but I reproduce here in case that site disappears (note the post is aimed at Perl programmers):


I use a Nikon D7100 camera and Nikon's Capture NX2 software. Recently Nikon have released a beta of some new software (here) they've got another company to produce and when it goes live Nikon will stop supporting Capture NX2. I wrote about the problems this will cause me and thousands of others at Nikon Capture NX is dead, Nikon have stolen our property and left us high and dry. Now it appears the subject of that post might be a bit over the top (I was really annoyed when I read the beta announcement of the new NXD beta) but the fact remains I (and countless others) have got thousands of hours of image editing that could potentially be lost. What is the problem?

Capture NX allows you to edit a camera raw (NEF) file and apply changes to it but the changes are non destructive and a) are saved in exif MakerNotes data in the nef file b) you can save different edits as versions c) you can go back and change the edits any time you like d) if a new version of CNX comes out you can re-edit your raw files and use new features e.g., recently introduced new noise reduction algorithms.. Capture NX2 has a really good feature called upoint technology which allows you to make localized changes really quickly but it appears upoint belongs to google now (google having bought nik software who developed upoint technology). If NXD cannot read and apply the edits you've saved in your raw file you've lost them all!

Indeed ..... we will IMO in the long term loose all that work and the possibility to reedit old nef files. CNX2 will probably continue to work for some time , but one day it wil become impossible to continue to run it ( new operating system , new hw , new camera, new neff format , ... ).

Will NX-D solve our problems ????....... this article from Thom Hogan is very  interesting to read : but its not happy news I am afraid ....


U-point technology is gone. This was one of the two compelling features of Capture NX2 (accuracy of raw conversions to what the camera produces as JPEGs was the other). With it now permanently gone, there’s not much “compelling” left, if any.

High pass sharpening is gone. This was another thing that a lot of us valued, as it performed better than the other sharpening capabilities. Basically, sharpening is now only vanilla standard, too.

Color Efex support is gone. Plug-ins never got any love from Nikon. Nikon has a huge NIH problem (Not Invented Here), and plug-ins are one of those things that definitely allow for IE (Invented Elsewhere). Given what I regard as Nikon’s poor ability to produce, manage, and maintain exceptional software, lack of plug-in support just makes the problem worse.

Red-eye Removal tool is gone. Not a huge loss for me, though I know those who don’t have advanced software tools liked the simplicity of this function.

Local editing tools are probably all gone. Coupled with losing U-point, High Pass, Nikon also mentioned no blur support. From the looks of it, anything that isn’t a basic conversion or an image-wide adjustment is going to disappear, with the possible exception of a dust removal brush.


I note that Nikon has slightly adjusted the wording on the site for NX-D: they’re now very careful to only associate the word “free” with the beta (previously it had been loosely used, and this led many to assume that the final version of NX-D would also be free). If my fears are true—that Nikon will charge for NX-D when it comes out—I think Nikon will have another fiasco on their hands. Consider:

  • Those free betas expire.
  • NX-D is a clear step backward in capability from NX2.
  • The workflow has changed significantly.

But we don’t really gain anything.


Yes, we can export all our raw images as tiff files (which are massive in comparison) but we've lost the ability to edit the changes; we can only see the final result. I'm seriously annoyed about this (as you might see from the previous post) so I'm looking into ways to safe guard my investment in editing time. Some time ago I wrote a Perl script (nefrename on github) to rename my nef and jpeg files that come out of my camera for reasons I explained in Renaming Nikon photograph files with Perl. I've just updated nefrename to add a --save-exif option to save the EXIF MakerNotes as a Data::Dumper string in a separate file. These notes contain a list of my edits in CaptureNX. It isn't going to help me much right now but at least I've got a list of my edits even if I don't know how to reapply them in some other software.

I'm continuing to look in to this and also interested in any suggestions as to how to retain my editing investment in Capture NX2.

Good luck with this , I choose to invest time in preparing to switch to another PP program and workflow ( for me, I am switching to LR , which does have brushes that can replace partly the nx2 controlpoints , if needed I can also buy the vivesa plugin for more functionality , see this thread ...

LR brushes :

My old NEF's are processed and converted to jpg ( I rarely reprocess, so loosing the NX2 edits is not a BIG problem for me  ) . When necessary I will reprocess with LR ....


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