645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

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Re: Who is chasing who?

Dave Luttmann wrote:

There is no special look to CCD. It has to do with tbe CFA they are forced to use which produces a slightly different color. This can easily be mimiced by profiling the CMOS camera to produce the same color. This way, you will benefit from the many image quality enhancements inherent to cmos, without the quality issues of ccd.

Well...  I will agree that CMOS is cheaper to produce and uses less energy.  But from there -- I'm afraid -- our opinions differ.

Please see Phase One.  Their highest end backs are still CCD, although they do produce lower end CMOS-based backs.  If it were as easy as changing filters or adjusting in post, many could be saving a huge amount of money.  


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