645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

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Re: Who is chasing who?

I believe that there were only 2 CCD MF manufacturers - Kodak & Dalsa. Volumes were low and I don't think they were putting much R&D money into pushing CCD tech any further.

Sony, Nikon, Canon, Toshiba, Panasonic appears to have redirected their R&D resources into CMOS tech.

For now, it looks like Sony has the economies of scale to manufacture a 44x33mm 50 MP sensor that every MF manufacturer left is jumping to. I don't think there is a big enough market in MF to support 3 chip manufacturers or at least at a price that people are willing to pay for.

Of course, it maybe as simple as Kodak & Dalsa having no new sensors to offer the MF builders...For now, Sony appears to be the only game in town for 44x33mm sensors.

PatFahey wrote:

DaveE1 wrote:

Ok, Ok, we get it Pat. You're not an engineer. But you should look up the digital medium format systems on the market.

Then have a look at who are using them and what they are doing with them. Phase One and Hassey have both released new medium format cameras using the same chip as Pentax have in their new 645Z.

Apparently, those MF cameras seem to be worth it, even if they are multiple times more expensive than the new Pentax.

You're reading more into my post than what I said. I could't care less what the other makers are doing. I have no need for high ISO and I prefer the look of CCD. That's my preference for the kind of work I do and what I produce.

I will be the first to admit that puts me in the minority here.

My simple point is that if Pentax would have gone with the CCD sensor in the new model I would have taken a serious look at it. Of course, they would't have sold as many cameras that way, but again, I'm not trying to speak for others.

And I hope you're more perceptive in real life than here on the internet regarding professions, or you've going to have even bigger problems.


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