New D800(E) firmware available from Nikon.

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Re: Lexar will replace it

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I hope Nikon are making a note of all the problems and resolutions raised to the new firmware update. A good supportive, customer aware company will help their customers through the transition stage.

So come on Nikon make a note of all the issues raised an send out a support notice to all your customers.

What problems? Problems with third party compatibility? That is hardly Nikon's fault, is it?

Well, in many cases third party incompatibility is partly Nikon's fault as they are very poor at releasing the software protocols for their cameras. A third party that has to completely reverse engineer their product is always more likely to struggle.

Yes, well, it is NOT in Nikon's interest to help third party manufacturers. It's all about money, not charity.

The argument of whether Nikon should help third parties make compatible products and whether they should take responsibility for incompatibility due to future changes is a slightly different argument.

NOBODY is releasing their communication protocols, not a single brand. All done on license basis. Why should they give their own products away for free and why should they help third party manufacturers?

What I think is certain is that Nikon will HAVE to change at some time in the future to remain competitive as other companies start to use open source firmware.

Which other companies use open source firmware? I know of no one.

"the first attempt we've seen at offering public access to a mainstream camera's operating system"

Probably also the last. Anyway, it is a good idea for a company which only is consumer electronic maker, and not into lenses. It may help them selling their cameras.

That's a very bold (I was tempted to say foolish, but that would be out of order as we are both speculating here) statement given the decimation of compact cameras by open source smartphones that has already occurred.

...bold, foolish or whatever. Never the less, there is normally more to open source than than people likely think about. Normally, if it is free it is not for commercial use. If it is licensed then it is NOT free. Another thing is that open source, if free, it has no guarantied support, just "as is". A third thing is that, once again, it may be NECESSARY for a manufacturer like Samsung, who is not exactly known as a lens and accessory manufacturer, to release it as an open source if they want to survive on this market. They hope that someone, like Sigma and Tokina, will bait and start making accessories. If they will or not is another thing. Just because something is free it is not necessarily good business.

A bit of OT, but don't you think that "decimation of compact cameras by open source smartphones that has already occurred" is a bit of an exaggeration? That statement is based on what exactly? for example, my TV has an open source software (Philips), but what difference does that make to any other TV or to the decision of buying one? 99.99% of the people don't care about such things. If I buy a TV I want to use it, not to hack it, especially if the hack invalidates the warranty.

IMHO, whether we like the idea or not, third party support, apps and programming will be a big part of digital photography's future. The companies that play best with third parties will emerge strongest.

I think you are wrong on this. Anyway, this has been a discussed subject within computing as long as I have been working with computers... and I started a VERY long time ago, 39 years ago to be more precise... and still waiting.

On a separate subject... did you get anywhere with Nikon re the flash assist light focussing issue. I've got nowhere with my own queries.

Yes, it is fixed, or at least I have the answer and know about what the problem is.

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