Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

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Re: Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

Fogsville wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

Edit: Oh and Jeff, I thought you might get a chuckle out of this:

what happens when fashion, leica and Toronto come together-


I'm not quite sure what a woman who is interested in fashion and clothing and is a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering, and who just so happens to use a Leica M6 film camera, a Hasselblad, and a Minolta X-7A film camera, has to do with Leica and fashion? She says she's always been interested in mechanical film cameras (um, she is studying mechanical engineering.) Her sister is a designer and both of them are into clothing and design. These are images of a fashion event (something she's obviously interested in) and fashion on the streets, and nothing to do with Leica. I don't see any Leica cameras in those images. If you really want 'trendy and Leica' then this is a better example: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/20/fashion/leica-cameras-favored-by-celebrities.html?_r=0 On the other hand, maybe they just so happen to like well-made cameras (?)

I have been using Leica film cameras for decades and bought them because they were the smallest and most durable 35mm cameras available and with the best interchangeable optics. Now if I decide that I'm interested in how people dress on the streets of LA and become a 'street fashion' photographer, does that make me 'fashionable?' Or does it make me a 'fashionista?'

Holy cow! It's possible that in the course of your creepy and invasive background check (way beyond the about me tab) you missed the irony of using an m6 to shoot an event celebrating bespoke suits in toronto and it's place in a thread about what is fashionable. PS: didn't realize you were Jeff.

Who cares what hollywood celebrities do at a film fest? Do the represent the culture of the city they are visiting?

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