Ready to make the switch from 5D classic to X-E1

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Re: Ready to make the switch from 5D classic to X-E1

I did exactly this in the last  month. I'd bought an X10 previously, and realised that the 5D was just 'sitting there'. I sold the 5c, 24-105L, 70-200/4L, 50/3.5macro. I bought the X-E1 with 18-55 (and the XC telephoto zoom comes free with the kit in the UK atm.)


image quality of the kit zoom is at least as good as the 5c/24-105 combination. Achieving shallow DOF is not difficult with the speed of the kit zoom.

The EVF is fine in natural light and reasonable indoor lighting.

Focussing on stationary objects is fine; it will never match the 5c for moving objects.

The separate aperture rings and proper shutter speed dial take me back to my film DSLR days, and make it a pleasure to use.

i take it with me! (I also bought the 27 mm pancake for a more compact outfit, but the body/kit zoom lens seems very light after the 5c/24-105!)

Were I photographing sport or fast moving animals, I'd not have made the change. I'm not, so no regrets at all.

(And a 50/1.4 Takumar with an adapter is great fun for thought-full photography).


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