Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you?

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Limburger wrote:

Cameranoobie wrote:

A friend of mine (after i told him what i bought) is trying to convince me to return the lens cause he says i will run into nothing but problems. He says this lens has a high failure rate (almost gaurenteed problems) and the I.S. dying after a year is a manufacturers defect.

He also said that NOT to use the IS if i dont have to. He says to manually turn it on when i need it to save it from breaking down as fast.

Can anyone comment?

This was and is a very popular lens. On the web you read mostly the things that went wrong, the things it does well often grab less attention.

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Cheers Mike

True, just need to check when mine was manufactured.

from what i read online 2009 and prior copies were more failure prone.

also....guess what....jist found out tonight i have zoom creep

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