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Re: OIS effectiveness at long focal lengths

newellj wrote:

Anders W wrote:

newellj wrote:

Agree that OIS seems to work slightly better than IBIS on the E-M5 and E-M1.

With the E-M5, and thus without EFCS (0-second anti-shock), that was my provisional conclusion too, although the difference was so small as to be statistically insignificant without larger samples than those I actually bothered to take.

My initial tests with EFCS enabled on the E-M1, however, points rather clearly in the opposite direction: IBIS better than OIS. While the EFCS helps with both systems, shutter shock appears to have troubled IBIS more than OIS.

I would like to do some further testing before drawing any final conclusions with regard to the efficiency of IBIS versus OIS with the 100-300 on the E-M1 and EFCS enabled. But the tendency I saw was in this case clear enough that it would surprise me if further testing would lead me to revise my conclusion.

If the results hold up, as I think they will, I am not all that surprised about the outcome in view of past experiences/testing with the E-M5. With my 14-45, I found IBIS and OIS to be about equally efficient at shutter speeds where shutter shock is not much of a problem. When in shutter-shock territory, however, OIS clearly did better. My guess is that OIS (or at least some implementations of OIS, like that on the 14-45 and perhaps to at least some extent the 100-300) may have a somewhat greater ability to cope with shake faster than human hand-shake, like shutter shock.

That is a very interesting datum. I simply do not have enough exposures on the E-M1 to say much either way. Thanks for your post, as always.

You are welcome. I'd be interested in hearing what you find once you have the time to test it. In my case, it didn't take long to conclude that with EFCS, IBIS did significantly better than OIS with the 100-300 at the long end. As I said, I'd still prefer to do some further testing to be on the safe side but ...

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