Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

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Re: Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

barjohn wrote:

Several credible reviewers are pointing to issues with the T's performance that are troubling, especially in this price range. David Pogue's review (NY Times), The Camera Store's review and several others have identified several issues such as inaccurate AF, slow AF, inability to turn off review, inability to select RAW only, sluggish touch screen performance, etc. Has anyone seen the released version of the software and whether these issues have been addressed?

It would seem to me that Leica should be working on optimizing the code to get the best possible performance during this period prior to release. Perhaps beta testers are seeing improvements that haven't been reported yet (I hope so). If these issues are not addressed, Leica is likely to see a lot of returns once the newness wears off and users become frustrated by the lack of performance.

don't expect too much from Leica, as far as firmware fixes.

Unfortunately, Leica is not known for its speed at getting firmware updates out to address issues identified by users.


They need to do better. The camera is certainly beautiful and one that will sell well IMHO if these things are addressed.

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