Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you?

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Re: How far away is the store? (n/t)

jackdan wrote:

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jackdan wrote:

Cameranoobie wrote:

i wasnt too happy when i opened the brand new box a few days ago ,zoomed out the barrel, stuck a flashlight from the top and saw about 30 tiny particles of very light dust on the inner section of the lens. It was all on the circular ring part. Its not behind the outter part of the lens, but the part behind it. Basically you have to zoom out fully to see all of them, otherwise you dont notice it. Its also pretty hard to see them without a flashlight shining through the lens.

would you go back to the store, open a new one while there to see if that one has dust ipon the inner element? If it does, ill keep the one i have now. If it doesnt ill swap it,

45mins on the other side of the city.

I guess you could call first before driving there and see if they have one or more others and they might even check them for dust. Considering the cost of the lens, 45 min seems doable, but that is easy for me to say because I am retired and have plenty of open time.

Id prefer to check myself, and driving down isnt an issue at all...but after all this reading online, I just get the feeling that its normal for dust to be on the inner element when right out of the box.  Afterall, that one guy was in my shoes and went through 5 copies and all 5 had dust on the inner element.  Absolutely unnaceptable and horrific quality control at Canon.

And like the other poster said, how the cheapo kit lens that came with my camera has no dust anywhere but a $900 lens has dust on the inner element right out of the box is beyond me.

Personally I agree with you completely and I think Canon is doing an injustice by charging twice as much as it's worth.

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