Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you?

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Re: Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you?

Cameranoobie wrote:

Glenn NK wrote:

Cameranoobie wrote:

i wasnt too happy when i opened the brand new box a few days ago ,zoomed out the barrel, stuck a flashlight from the top and saw about 30 tiny particles of very light dust on the inner section of the lens. It was all on the circular ring part. Its not behind the outter part of the lens, but the part behind it. Basically you have to zoom out fully to see all of them, otherwise you dont notice it. Its also pretty hard to see them without a flashlight shining through the lens.

would you go back to the store, open a new one while there to see if that one has dust ipon the inner element? If it does, ill keep the one i have now. If it doesnt ill swap it,

I think that when you graduate from being a "camera noobie", you'll stop worrying about dust.

Dust is part of the world - it collects on everything: sensors, filters, lenses, mirror boxes, inside cameras, everywhere.

Only a few people obsess over it. For those that do, there is no solution except to keep exchanging lenses. Unfortunately this is an exercise in futility.

I've had my 17-55 for eight years - it has some dust - the images don't seem to show any dust spots.

The only thing wrong with the 17-55 is that it can't be used on FF bodies. Pity.

Well true but did yours have dust right out of the box? I bet it didnt.

...and I bet Glenn didn't use a flashlight to examine it.  I've never done this with any of my lenses, and you're the first person I've ever heard of doing this.  Any lens that has an extending barrel has the possibility to pull dust into the mechanism each time it's used.

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