Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

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Re: Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

First, you have to be able to turn off the image review. For decades a Leica selling point was that its optical viewfinder allowed you to continuously view the scene without any blackouts from a mirror. Minimizing the blackout and shot to shot time should have been the #1 item on the design list if this camera is actually supposed to have Leica "DNA."

Second, it needs the ability to have magnified manual focus anywhere on the screen in order to get the most out of those expensive lenses in exacting situations.

Third, their wifi situation is way behind what others are doing. This is completely in contradiction of their so called "minimalist" concept unless it works fairly transparently. There is no fast and easy way to trigger the camera using a phone. Why can't they offer a simple wired remote release that plugs in to the USB socket?

Fourth through 101 - you are on your own to add to the list. However, the lack of hardware components such as PDAF on sensor, processor, and faster frame to frame rates will also be a limitation in what can be added to improve speed, features, and overall responsiveness. Maybe some future model will have IBIS and a built in EVF.

In reading David Pogue's comparison with Sony's A6000 it is quite clear to me that Leica emphasizes bling and the slick interface rather than performance and convenience. This is Leica's first attempt at such a camera whereas how many Nex models have preceded the A6000? And how much more has Sony spent on R&D and software development?

So maybe in 3-5 years or so Leica will catch up to what Sony is currently offering performance wise. I doubt if Sony will polish any camera housing for 45 minutes or make such a special neck strap. So Leica may always be ahead there.

Remember, you really have to buy into the marketing concept that "Less is More" to appreciate this camera. I think that is simply a sales gimmick to try to justify what the camera can't do. But you CANNOT complain about lack of features or functionality because many were intentionally left out as part of the actual concept.

It seems to me that one has to really love something ethereal about this camera to spend $4200 for the body, EVF and lens. Since nothing of substance that I can see in it justifies that price. But then $4200 is a lot of money for me to spend on a camera whereas that is chump change to others.

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