Canon G1X Mrk II Review, Her eye lashes are Sharp!

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Re: Canon G1X Mrk II Review, Her eye lashes are Sharp!

zoooming wrote:

You say "The G1X Mrk II is in a league of it’s own, no comparison".

That was in reference to my G12, not to other large sensor compacts.

What exactly is it that makes it stand out for you.

The lens, good range, it's bright and sharp wide open. And doesn't need a cap.

I don't like I can't have a filter and the lens hood, But I'll make one.

I also don't get why you're upset about RF triggers when we're talking about what is really a "walkaround compact" camera. How many other people are going to be worried about that?

Hopefully not too many. It's big for me, I hoping to use it in studio setups, small products,

light tents and such. Sometimes taking thousands of shots a year, Web to presentations.

Even outdoors, I'll put a softbox on a stand that I can carry, sometime clamp

a flash low on it too, for a sweet portrait. RF trigger is light, don't know it's there.

My G5, G6, G9, G12 all did it. all my DSLR's,,, Why not this G1X, it does have a hot shoe,,,

"Walkaround compact" On that edge for me, just a little big, Love my S120, but,,,

The images don't even compare to S120 at base ISO. Higher ISO is night and day.

I'm on the verge of buying a MKII here in Sydney (have been looking at the Fuji X20). Can you tip me into it?

Haven't looked into the Fuji, I do read the reviews here. I am mostly Canon, having their flashes,

and use to their menu's. Unless you print posters, I would guess the difference would be small.

I've always felt Canon's have a great image, class leading at times.

Personal preference, What feels goos in your hands is important too.

So far I do like the tilting screen, I like to shoot from my hip, holding it tight to my body.

I'm after a "walkaround compact", with a good zoom range for travel pics, above average IQ, a flash that 'works well' and good skin tones for people photos.


If the size and weight are ok, I'd say the G1X will work very well. Skin tones so far have been great.

The flash works well, might be a little vulnerable to impact while extended,,, But,,,

It's bounce able!!! You can take your finger and tilt it up, backwards a little.

Enough power to fill the room (higher ISO's) people have been amazed at the difference.

External flashes bounce with ease, Never had or seen a built in flash do this!!!

Stick a small post-um note to the top, tilt it up with your finger, you will be amazed.

Most of the flash will bounce off the ceiling(hopefully white), the post-um will fill in,

add catch lights in the eyes.

Taking pictures of art on a wall yesterday, tilted flash up to take beautiful shadowless brass figurines.

Thanks for your input, hope this helps, any questions, just ask.

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