Nex 6 + 16-50 kitlens against RX100-III?

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Re: Nex 6 + 16-50 kitlens against RX100-III?

technic wrote:

On the other side, smaller sensors always tend to have a bit more 'smearing' even in good light, and I see this clearly in the RX100-3 samples;

Many now understand the implications of the equivalence theoreme wrt focal length and aperture stop.

But not everybody is aware that ISO is a third parameter which must be scaled when comparing formats.

So, the RX100m3 native base ISO of 100 (*) translates to ISO 740 equiv. (or ISO 320 with APSC). RX100m3 will be no different.

Of course, with default NR for ISO 800 in action, does the output from an RX100 look more smeared than base iso from a full frame camera. However, ISO 800 is still considered very good quality in the full frame department.

For landscape though, maybe use the Multi RM camera app (now available with the RX100m3) which is able to combine 6 shots into a single true ISO 120 equiv. image.

Technical remark: smaller sensors could, theoretically offer low native ISO values, around ISO 25 for a good base of ISO 180 equiv.. It requires a somewhat more expensive cmos process with more layers, offering a deeper charge well. Unfortunately, the market (aka DPReview et al.) does not understand so nobody does it. That's one reason why I advocate ISO must be advertized in equiv. numbers, e.g., the RX100 as an ISO 740 camera.


(*) The RX100m2 and RX10 have measured base ISO of 101 and 95 resp., irrespective of what Sony writes into broschures and menus.

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