Sierra-Nevada Mt. Hike Fuji HS35EXR

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Re: Sierra-Nevada Mt. Hike Fuji HS35EXR

Thanks. I have a pass to my local Zoo and will try it out on the flying birds in the falconry display which will be a good test. On sensor PDAF usually not so good in poor light compared with the DSLR's dedicated sensors with the larger aperture available but it will be interesting.

The weather is pretty good here so probably have a play later this week. It is interesting that the HS50 seems not to be considered as a choice amongst super zooms on the other forums.

Hopefully the Exif has buried somewhere whether PDAF or CDAF has been used.

Sactojim wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

Wonderful pictures and great scenery. Thanks for showing your EXR settings as get my HS50 on Tuesday hopefully and returning to the EXR fold.

Sactojim wrote:

Had a beautiful hike today in our Sierra's with gf and both dogs at Bassi Falls. Weather was chilly at altitude (approximately 7,200') with threat of rain and then full sun. These were shot in M, Velvia, P mode set to ISO 100, DR100 or 200, and EXR set at DR Auto, and Velvia. Also in P, I have set color to high, tone to soft, sharpness to hard, and noise reduction to standard. I'm trying these last settings for best definition, so a work in progress. All SOOC and as with landscapes view full size.

Thank you Greynerd. The settings description on the HS50 has different names vs HS35. I've since changed to the following: Sharpness=soft, Color=medium, and for me, either M or L is fine. Love to read your comments on focus speed and lock and general observations on the new camera. Thanks.

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