Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you?

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.. was there anything obviously wrong with the resulting images ( that wasn't likely your own fault ) ?

That's the sole criteria you can judge the lens by, IMO.

Not at all. But it just bothers me when theres dust on the inner element out of the box. Unacceptable for a $1000 lens. If it has dust from the factory, i worry about how it will look a month from now. This is why im taking off the lens everyday and sticking my flashlight in it to inspect. You may say that im anal about this, but im sure im not the only one.

What you're going through is probably not uncommon for someone relatively new to a DSLR and a high-value lens purchase. Over time you'll probably learn that some dust in a lens is relatively common and doesn't affect the photos.

There are lenses with reputations for collecting dust, the EF 100-400mm L is one of the more well known. It's a push-pull zoom, frequently called the Dust Pump - lots of posts about internal dust, and lots of posts how it doesn't affect the photography.

I have 11 Canon lenses from wide angle to super telephoto and don't remember when I last checked for internal dust, mostly I just clean the front elements once in a while, and then only when needed.

You can use your flashlight for better things


Wont dust over time risk scratching the lens? Yes im sure i come across as paranoid sticking a flashlight down the lens everyday.

Nope. Some bits of dust on a lens element, inside or outside, will not damage the element as they just sit there. Rub them as part of a less-than appropriate cleaning process and some of the particles may scratch the coating or element.

There's too much worry and concern about dust from photogs starting out, it rarely affects the final photos. A bit of dust internally in your lens is nothing to worry about, I suggest you focus on more important aspects of your photography.

In a few years time I expect that you'll look back on these days and smile, having learned more about the craft and shooting what you enjoy.

Don't waste your flashlight batteries, spend the time shooting, learning and enjoying.


Good point. Ok im going to do that and not be too caught up about sticking a flashlight through the lens everyday.

When I took it out Sat night for the first time, I even used a soft cloth to wipe the barrel each time i zoomed out and back in. And kept the lens facing right to the ground even when walking so dust doesnt get inside.

You're already looking at the photos you shoot and analyzing them for what you like and dislike, and what you would like to see improved. These last bits on dust, etc. will free up more time to focus on what you're shooting. Well done.


Well aside, from me wiping the barrel everytime with a cloth to get rid of any loose dust haha.

Whats the best way to check my lens to make sure its sharp all around in all focal ranges?  I just want a simple method.  Whats the best thing to use as reference in my pics?

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