645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

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Re: Who is chasing who?

Dave Luttmann wrote:

PatFahey wrote:

With the new Pentax sporting a CMOS sensor (vs. a CCD), it looks more like yhey are chasing Nikon/Cannon, not the other way around.

But still holding out hope for a D4x.


ummm...ya. A 50mp sensor with 14 stops DR for Pentax is chasing a 22mp sensor with 12 stops DR for Canon. Sounds like you have the definition of chase reversed.

The point I was trying to make was more about the CMOS sensor.  If the new Pentax contained a CCD like the original, I'd jump on it.  And hell, the D3x already has more DR than we could ever wring out of film (and with a very CCD-like image quality).

Considering that the cropped MF sensors aren't that much bigger than 35mm, I've always felt that the better selection of hi-quality lenses for Nikon offset that difference.

Although, imagine the quality one could get from a full 6x6 (or 6x7 or 6x9) 50mp CCD sensor -- without having to spend an arm and a leg.  That would be a game-changer (or a system-changer) for me.


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