Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

MightyMike wrote:

If 95% of your lenses are bad why haven't you sent the whole kit into Pentax for them to figure it out a long time ago before you kept buying lenses.

Mike - you aren't so Mighty if you don't read the original post in a thread you comment on.

It's all been explained already, but just in case you read this, I'll remind you (said at least twice in this thread already) for the third time:

I SOLD ALL MY PENTAX GEAR 4  YEARS AGO BECAUSE I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED WITH IT.  Each lens was accurately described with pictures posted but they still sold.

I now own three lenses.  I have just returned to pentax because I love old CCD cameras like the K200D (just purchased) and my original *istDS2.  I have no problem putting up with the flaws in the old FA28-70 f4.0 - they are well known and it's an old lens.

I shouldn't have to send back a brand new f1.8 prime lens.

But I will.

The other lens is an 18-55 kit lens, which is sharp in the centre but not so good on the sides.  That's not a problem.

I suggest you're  your testing technique is flawed and if there is such a massively widespread issue with your gear that maybe the camera is flawed and the lenses are fine.

This is a different K200D to the one I last had.

I only have one lens I am not happy with, the DA50 f1.8.

Very highly rated by DXOMark and, if I can get one with both sides performing like my sample is on the left, I will be ecstatic!

You don't need to do much to take a shot from this angle, straight on, do you?

I'm 110m away - that's too far for any camera misalignment to produce a soft right hand side.
 Isn't it?  Especially from straight on.

However we won't know for sure until either you do proper testing or send the whole kit into Pentax and have them figure it out. Maybe not the whole kit, just the worst offenders. I just figured it was common sense to get things fixed before acquiring more stuff that all has the same problem, maybe if you figured it out after the first couple lenses you wouldn't be all angry with Pentax now and you wouldn't have the problem anymore.

I'm not angry - just disappointed.

I wish they would get their act together.  Don't you?

If Sigma can do it, so can Pentax.

Why keep making excuses and encouraging them to keep serving up the same sloppy output?  I'm assuming this is your usual response?

You asked me "Do you think that sort of sharpness error is acceptable, even in a cheapskate new lens?" I respond by asking you "If you just bought a new car and you found it didn't track straight on the road would you turn to a forum and complain or would you take it into the dealership and get it fixed at their cost?" What is the forum going to do other than tell you to get it fixed!

I have contacted CRK today and sent some pics.  Fortunately I can return the lens if I feel it is not of merchantable quality, which it isn't.  I would like a good one, though - it looks like it certainly has the potential!

Maybe Pentax, one day, will do something about their very average lens QC.

Sigma had a very serious problem in that area but have, in the space of a couple of years, become  the supplier of the sharpest, best IQ lenses in the world.  That's what commitment to quality production and design can do.

I now apologize to the rest of the forum, I know logic and common sense isn't always allowed on the forum, something i often forget.

Perhaps you are right now leading the way in the very thing you deplore.

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