Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

justin23 wrote:

In the train station shot, I'm struggling to see what is actually in focus. I just don't see it as a good representation myself.

Did you just look at the small image I just posted, or the two crops in the first post?

Here are the 2 100% criops from the full image shown in a previous post - surely you can see the difference, or did you not read the first post?

5052  Left view - very sharp for f1.8

5052 Right side view - very fuzzy, even for f1.8

These are 100% crops taken from their respective, as labelled, edges.

You can't see a difference?

In the mixer photo, I struggled, however i downloaded the photo, and drew some lines across the frame. Yes the right side is ever so slightly less sharp than the left however I really had to look for it. Its not that obvious in this photo.

Have another look at exactly what is oin focus.

On the right side look at the words LCR BLEND which are in focus, then the second AUX above that, still in focus.

Slide over to the left and AUX is OOF by the time you reach Input 14.  On the left side you cannot clearly read MAIN (which is at the same distance from the camera as LCR Blend) but the first word to really have clarity is MAIN.

Next check the lower (closer) limit of focus or DOF: the Input Channel number 6 is clear, as is the number 10 at the top of the fader slot.  However, as you move right the number 10 is lost by the time you reach Input Channel 10.

On the right hand side the closer point of real legiility is somewhere around MUTE  or PFL.

The focus point was on the brown knob above channel 13.

I'd also argue that potentially the right side with such a narrow DOF that the right side may not be the same distance from the camera as the left.

With respect, you don't know what you are talking about.

At the distance from the object, even at any distance, if you are not square on you would have convergence on 2 or 4 sides.

Check again at WHAT is in focus on each side.  Look at the numbers printed on the panel, not at the knobs.  At the very least you will learn how to check your own lenses.

I think there is a combination of you knowing its there, so you'll see it a lot more than anyone else. I'm not convinced its that bad myself.

And you actually looked at both left and right side edges of the station front?

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