Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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Re: Can Pentax make A Decent Lens? Ricoh have not fixed QC issues...

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In short 2/3 rds of the the lenses I've bought new or S/H were decentered and were returned.

Funny how some of us have all the baddies...

Some people are more discerning than others.

Yes, and some people see problems where none exist, I'm not saying the OP is one of them but there sure are hypochondriacs out there that easily imagine problems which account for some of those who keep getting multitudes of bad lenses.

Do you think that sort of sharpness error is acceptable, even in a cheapskate new lens?

How can hypochondria make a good lens go bad?

If 95% of your lenses are bad why haven't you sent the whole kit into Pentax for them to figure it out a long time ago before you kept buying lenses. I suggest you're testing technique is flawed and if there is such a massively widespread issue with your gear that maybe the camera is flawed and the lenses are fine. However we won't know for sure until either you do proper testing or send the whole kit into Pentax and have them figure it out. Maybe not the whole kit, just the worst offenders. I just figured it was common sense to get things fixed before acquiring more stuff that all has the same problem, maybe if you figured it out after the first couple lenses you wouldn't be all angry with Pentax now and you wouldn't have the problem anymore.

You see it on the forum all the time

Complainer "Wah Wah Wah my lens is bad and i hate company X for it"

Logical contributor "So send it into company X to get it fixed"

Complainer "Wah! i don't want to"

Logical contributor "Why not?"

Complainer "Wah! Because i won't have anything to complain about if i do that, and besides its easier to send it back to where i bought it from and have them resell it to the next person unfixed"

Its pretty much what happens in a nutshell

Then there is the hypochondria, How many times have i seen a new Pentax owner, a first time poster and their first post is "ok i just bought camera X and lens Y, what is the best way to test for problems?" Really? your first thought is look for problems not enjoy the gear until you discover a problem. These people are misled to believe that everything will have a problem and its the forum that is doing the misleading. Then there are the chronic testers, the ones that have a decent test procedure rarely find problems, the others with sloppy testing techniques continuously find problems which are ofter dismissed by most on the forums but regardless of detailed dismissal the original tester will always believe they've got a bad lens.

Another set of people sill sit there with a bad lens and fume for years with hatred and disgust. When they're finally ready to lash out about it because they're at their breaking point they write an angry rant about how company X failed them with so much hatred. After a few responses the forum finds out they knew they had the problem for years and now it will cost them a fortune to fix as they waited till it was off warranty to even consider fixing it.

There are all kinds of nuts on these forums, its a shame their illogical lack of common sense ruins the forum for the rest of us.

You asked me "Do you think that sort of sharpness error is acceptable, even in a cheapskate new lens?" I respond by asking you "If you just bought a new car and you found it didn't track straight on the road would you turn to a forum and complain or would you take it into the dealership and get it fixed at their cost?" What is the forum going to do other than tell you to get it fixed!

I now apologize to the rest of the forum, I know logic and common sense isn't always allowed on the forum, something i often forget.

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