18/2 + 35/1,4 vs 23/1,4

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Re: 18/2 + 35/1,4 vs 23/1,4

lemonydes wrote:

Building now the Fuji system and cant decide. Should I buy combo of 18/2 + 35/1,4 or just only 23/1,4. Cant afford all of them... :-/

Any thoughts or sugestions?

18/2 give me more portable oportunity. 23/1,4 it better lens but more bulkier :-/

FWIW, I got a 5D3 and the usual set of L zooms and L primes.  Judging from your gearlist, you are very familiar with the utility and bulk of that setup.

If your iniital Fuji-X investment is to supplement instead of replace the Canon setup, I can see the appeal of going with smaller lens.

Based on that, my thoughts:

1. The 23/1.4's bulk isn't the issue.  It's the length.  A longer lens like the 18-55 or 23/1.4 doesn't fit in the smallest camera bags.  For example, a Think Tank Photo Mirrorless Mover 10 looks taller than wide and can *barely* hold a X-T1 with 18-55 attached on its side; if I want to carry the 18-55 (or 23/1.4) and another lens, I'm looking at a Mirror Mover 20 which is definitely wider.  I can fit a 35/1.4 and 27/2.8 with my X-T1 in the Mirrorless Mover 10.  OTOH, the Mirrorless Mover 20 will carry any two lens I own with the X-T1.

2. The 23/1.4 is an *awesome* lens.  It has better optical quality than the X100s' 23/2.  It focuses faster than the first generation 25/1.4.  If I had to settle for just one prime, I would get this (I prefer 35mm over 50mm on my 5D3).

3. The 35/1.4 is definitely tiny in comparison, especially if you leave the hood off (not that the hood is that big).

4. Consider lens you will be buying next (if you stick with the Fuji-X long term.)  I love the 56/1.2. I also like the 14/2.8 or 10-24.  A combination of 14/10-24, 23/1.4, and 56/1.2 or 14/10-24, 35/1.4, and 56/1.2 are excellent three lens combos.  So if you are trying to cut down on the number of lens to buy or carry, pick either 23/1.4 or 35/1.4 based on how it fits with the other lens you will buy.

5. If you are very concerned about bulk, consider the camera body you are going to buy and whether or not you'll need an add-on grip to make it feel right.  Make the camera bigger so it fits in your hand better could mean a "bulky" lens would complement it after all.  

6. If you "settle" for the 35/1.4 and don't want to save up for another expensive lens, then sure, I think the 18/2 makes a great complement for it.

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