Just a few thoughts about this crazy lens...

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Just a few thoughts about this crazy lens...


Alright, so what birder wouldn't want a lens that could shoot 500mm at F2.8 !? Oh, and incredibly, this ginormous thing has a min focus distance of only 6.5 ft !

Of course I could hear a lot of birders saying, "if I can't hand hold it, I'm not interested". And to be honest, I'm kind of that way myself....

But here's the thing, I think I could hand hold this massive lens... for an extended period, or a mile or two walk.... to shoot Birds in flight, or wildlife wherever... and not even be shaky

.....kind of.

Let me explain;

For years I've been convinced that a shoulder harness system, such as the ones they used to use with the giant 75-100 lb film video cameras, could be adapted, or much of the designs copied, so that it could support any camera lens / camera combo out in front of you at exactly the right height / distance, adjustable, and even a "drop down" setting so it doesn't have to stay completely in front of your face, blocking your view if you don't want it to.

Counter balanced (adjustable) out behind you.

How about some sort of gel coupling between the actual lens foot mount, and your camera support harness to totally cut down on any vibrations traveling from you, to the camera... Oh, and in reality, you wouldn't even have to touch the camera either... using a remote shutter release, of course.

Anyway, I just know I could make this work. The way tougher part would be trying to buy a 200-500 F2.8


All of this said though.... even if I could just get ahold of a 500 or 600 F4, I would get started on a shoulder mounted system right away. {and that, I could hike 15 or 20 miles with ;)}

I really don't know why nobody is stepping outside of the box with this idea ? Huge, and obvious advantages....

And please don't tell me it won't work, unless you have tried it.... and if you have tried it, tell me why it didn't work, so I'll be sure to do it differently on my first attempt LOL



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