645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

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Re: 645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

Dave Luttmann wrote:

sandy b wrote:

I'm sure its a fine camera, but its heavy and slow, (I know, not for MF). Its also ten grand with a lens, so, I think it will be a slow seller, but will make its mark,

Well, a D800e with a nice lens is $5000+.....not exactly cheap either.

D800e system is super cheap compared to 645Z. Everything is about 1/3 the cost.

I think a D4x would sell just fine. Between Sony, Pentax a Nikon....it appears the real question is where it leaves Canon with their low rez bodies and limited dynamic range.

Canon will survive just fine. 2 years on since 5D3 and Canon is still the undisputed King in the FF DSLR world.

Despite what people have been arguing, Canon has no resolution problem. 5D3 and 6D both provide very adequate resolution for over 99.9% professional work and exactly 100% hobbyist work. I have never came across a person telling me 20 MP wasnt enough for what he was doing.

Canon does have a DR problem, but since 6D the problem hasnt been as bad. Canon's other strengths more than make up for the DR weakness.

I am using a D600 and a number of Nikon lenses, but I would be just as happy if I had 6D and Canon lenses.

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