D610 long-exposure noise

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Re: D610 long-exposure noise

Folks lets stay calm and start to understand current state of the art sensor technology.

There are number of issues that affect sensors when you allow photons (light) to reach them for such a long time (over 30 seconds and more it becomes more obvious). Besides dead pixels, hot pixels, etc, which can occur during the manufacturing process, there is also degradation of sensors over time due to cosmic rays (this is not as new agey as it sounds), not only that but the temperature of the sensor (in part due to long exposure time and in part due to outside temperature) also affect artifacts that you see on your camera, not only that but photons can accumulate and create noise during long exposure, which can lead to this snow effect you are seeing. This is not anything to do with your particular camera or brand of camera, this affects pretty much all sensors. Here is a more coherent and clearer explanation from someone that has a similar issue with the Canon 6d http://photo.stackexchange.com/questions/40188/longer-exposure-lower-iso-or-shorter-exposure-higher-iso-what-gives-better

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