Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

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Re: Will Leica T Issues Identified by Reviewers be Fixed in Released Firmware?

barjohn wrote:

Before people go off on some rampage, the purpose of this post is not to bash Leica but to try and learn, if possible, whether Leica is heeding these reviewers and taking any action. I have the camera on order and I suspect many others here do too and would probably like to know the same thing befor spending a significant sum of money. I know there are beta testers and as far as I can tell reviewers are still using pre-release software that is at something like REV 0.64 so presumably some of these things can and will be addressed. The question is will they? That is the $4,000 question. Perhaps Dr. Ulrich can enlighten us on this topic as he seems to have inside connections and information.

You have a pretty long history in dealing with Leica products and service. I would have thought by now you would let the dust settle and only order once you are satisfied that all issues you deem important are fixed. Otherwise, you are going to once again be disappointed it seems pretty clear, given the list of concerns above in your initial post that you won't be satisfied.

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