Is this forum quietening down?

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Re: Is this forum quietening down?

Yes, this is a gear forum really - so peaks when there are rumours or grumbles.

There used to be several quite unpleasant people on this board but they've largely gone away. Unfortunately many who got picked on by them headed over to PF and I suspect that's where the action is, now.

Left behind are several knowitall bores, and a lot of heated discussions about how one excellent lens has fractional edge over another. Generally both will turn out to be glass that our photographic forbears would have wept over with tears of envy.

And - for me this is the killer - there's very little actual photography here.  And when there is it's almost always dreadful. Billions of tedious bird shots (technically difficult? maybe. Interesting? Alas no.) and far too many brick walls/ back yards. I'd like to be challenged and inspired more often.

People will post long, pompous, essays about how the sharpness of their FA* 85mm compares with their da70 ... and then accompany it with a snapshot of their granddaughter or dog which is crushingly awful. Pictures taken on a £3,000 lens+body combination that my iPhone would do just as well with. Funny, really!

anyway - that's my tuppenceworth

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