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Wallace Ross
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Re: Yes who wants to hear about how happy I am with my K-3

Michael Piziak wrote:

Wallace Ross wrote:

I now have a camera that rivals medium format film for resolution while provided un-imagined convenience what am I supposed to talk about how I haven't had an SDM failure? No one wants to hear that either. I would like some more lenses to choose from we could talk about that.

I'm glad you like your camera. However, I would argue that it doesn't rival medium format film. I would argue you need atleast 50 megapixels to equal medium format film. Some sources say as much as 63 to 125 megapixels.

More likely, your camera is probably on par with a 35mm film camera. I don't like to argue, but I have a friend into medium format film and she keeps me straight on this.

I shoot a lot of film and it's mostly for aesthetic reasons not resolution.  If you are careful with medium format film  using a tripod  and ensuring it's scanned well you can match the resolution of the K-3 but the K-3 can snap away all day with far less effort.

this is a comparison of the K-3 and my Rolleiflex 2.8

I love shooting film but the K-3 changes things when it comes to ultimate image quality.

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