Is this forum quietening down?

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Re: Is this forum quietening down?


Hi guys,

I've been noticing that this site is quietening down recently, the first page has posts dating back three days "before" it hits the bottom, it surprises me as I think Pentax (under Ricoh) is better placed in the market than a few years ago, perhaps we don't need to fight so hard anymore!

Ha, try the Nikon "Pro DX" forum if you want dead. They even have a running thread calling it the "Tombstone Forum".

The last new thing they had to talk about other than "where is the D400?" was the D300S in 2009 or so.

At the end of the day, the shine has long since worn off digital cameras, and DSLRs even more so. Everyone has bought one or more and the state of the art in performance has flattened out to the point that there is little reason to upgrade and not much difference between brands either.

Sales are down and they will not be coming back any time soon, although emerging markets in China and India may provide some growth in the future.

Every casual photographer I know who bought a DSLR almost never brings it out of the closet any more. They have moved to a much more portable P&S, sometimes a bridge camera with a big zoom range, or they just snap facebook images and videos with a smartphone.

Almost everyone with a phone now has a camera that is "good enough" for them and which is always with them.  It is a sort of Gresham's law of photography made possible by digital technology.

Only the gear heads, serious amateurs, wannabe pros and those that like to complain about things on the internet remain, and that does not add up to big numbers.

Methinks Mr. Askey got out at the right time.....


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