Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you?

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Re: Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you?

Timbukto wrote:

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alpha90290 wrote:

I believe some one in the other thread, already warned you that this lens is a dust sucker.

Yes i know but after reading online, there have been some owners saying that they got a good one and done have any dust.

But to have dust inside right out of the box, to me that just seems ridiculous no? Maybe im the only one, but brand new means unused, never been how theres already dust inside is beyond me.

The ones that said they got a 'good' one probably didn't shine a flashlight into their lens. If you don't have lint size stuff you are fine. You should be more concerned if you 17-55 f2.8 is sharp all the way around. If your expectation is that you will get a perfectly dust free lens that is perfectly sharp at wide aperture at all focal lengths, you will be dissapointed. You may find some owners saying they found such a thing but probably they are just easier to please.

Oh, so if i went and bought a different canon lenses, and stuck a flashlight through it, i can expect to see some dust on the inner lens?  Im guessing this some from the factory when being made?

how do i check to see if my lens is perfectly sharp at wide ap at all focal lengths?  give me the simpliest way so im not spending hours on it.


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