Is this forum quietening down?

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Re: Is this forum quietening down?


Hi guys,

I've been noticing that this site is quietening down recently, the first page has posts dating back three days "before" it hits the bottom, it surprises me as I think Pentax (under Ricoh) is better placed in the market than a few years ago, perhaps we don't need to fight so hard anymore

I have noticed the same thing over at Pentaxforums dot com. My guess is that either the whole digital imaging thang has quietened down or that a lot of long-standing Pentax users have looked at Ricoh's extremely mysterious stewardship of Pentax - what were Ricoh thinking then and what are they thinking now? - then drawn their conclusions and moved on. This may particularly apply to enthusiasts, traditionally the backbone of Pentax, who I suspect tend to be more active online. Ricoh may well be selling more camera these days and turning in much better financials - I don't know, though it would be nice if true - but to different kinds of customer.

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