Canon G1X Mrk II Review, Her eye lashes are Sharp!

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Re: Canon G1X Mrk II Review, Her eye lashes are Sharp!

ScratchDisk wrote:

Tx. So, some good stuff but the external flash situation seems crazy.

Hoping they fix it with firmware, it has to be a mistake,,,

re the screen darkening - if you temp max out the iso for framing - then revert again to your chosen iso for the shot, does that at least give you a usable screen (at the expense of convenience)?

I can double check, but I think that worked.

Switching between ISO 100 and auto would be time consuming.

Are your PB triggers the Cybersyncs? Which mark?

Yes, Cybersync's CST, still a current model. A simple trigger, bought a few years ago.

& which cheap triggers exactly - do they usually have 'wake-up' from a Canon DSLR?

No name on the cheapie, came with a strobe kit. Both work fine on 10D, 40D, 7D, 5D-III

Living with both cam & flash(es) in M would be OK - as long as you can get the shot - preferably up to 1/2000th.

I think it might prove useful to have a resource of exactly what works & what doesn't for OCF.

Single (central) pin & rail (only) solutions should work (albeit, with the dark screen nonsense) (ie with the other 4 pins effectively taped) - but I think you are implying that some don't? Or have I misunderstood?

Never taped up pins, the flash triggers did fire. Black screen in Manual mode,

and not setting the sync in Av mode.

Appreciate the insight and help.

TIA, Donald

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