Is this forum quietening down?

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Re: Is this forum quietening down?

jamesm007 wrote:

I noticed QC overall has gone up across brands and especially lens. This has lessened the amount of "is my lens good" posts; brick wall posts.

Same with dSLR bodies overall QC seems much better than the K10D days. This lowers the complaints and the long discussions from it. Remember we always blamed it on AF and had the complainers post pics so we could blame the lens or possible body or more likely the user.

Back in the K10D days when I started it was the time dSLR bodies prices went below $1000 and many more people (factors more) could now buy into a dSLR system, like me!

I think manufactures did not have the science down yet and we where the beta testers for dSLRs and lens!

Sensors are almost equal now in any price range. No wars on the K10D had better sharpness because it had a lighter AA filter. Or the high ISO on the D300 was better than the K20D(?) wars.


Too many systems. No one knows what's going to happen to their systems. I agree with others plain and simple! We need a standard like 35mm. Not to blow my horn (well not too loud) but I have been saying we need a standard. So we can move on and develop it. Like the PC it has not changed since the days I built them in 1989. You still have the MB, CPU, Ram, HD... A standard to build on. That saves money for R&D into one standard say APS instead of trying to see what people will buy and give the highest profits. Yes companies need to make money but I think some have become overly greedy, shooting themselves in the foot.

Manufactures and even reviewers are seemingly trying to push other formats onto people. Well I can only speak from my country the USA which is not the biggest buyer of dSLRs. But I can tell you when people spend $800 and they see the smaller mirrorless and then the bigger APS dSLR, well guaranteed the majority are going to get the APS dSLR. Its just a more fun camera for enthusiasts. And stands out as an expensive camera. Compact mirrorless could get confused with a P/S. Don't want that to happen. Image is everything!

The price of a entry level dSLR should now be around $350 after all these years. That's stopping people. The magic $1000 mark was broke and when the Sony A100, Pentax K20D, Oly E510 came out the market was booming; so many features for the money. It was great. We had entry level for even less.

Yes I know the economy right after that dSLR boom went south. But that's why manufactures should have opened the door at lower price points. Canon and Nikon entry level bodies had no AF motor, no Shake Reduction, no sensor cleaning system and should have been cheap. They were high profit bodies for Nikon, Canon.

We are Pentax dSLR fans. Sometimes when I look at lens prices I get mad and think I will jump ship. Then I look at what others give for the money and overall Pentax seems the highest performing best value APS system including lens. I do enjoy the Pentax system a lot. No one still has WR kit lens but Pentax. In Michigan that's a must have to shoot year round.

Systems have become so good we don't care that the K-3 has lower DR than the K-5. We use to argue about the K-7 having more high ISO noise versus the K20D. And people wrote posts defending the K-7. I don't see anyone defending anything, except formats.

Oh I forgot. I have been watching the lowered forum activity as well. Its not just Pentax! Its many more brands as well. Check it out for yourself.

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