Canon 5D still worth buying?

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Re: Canon 5D still worth buying?

SanjayNair wrote:

SanjayNair wrote:

Hello everyone. Was contemplating buying a used 5D classic body which comes at a bargain price, considering I have been wanting to start using FF to get the wider coverage for my landscapes and better depth for portraits. I have been looking at used lenses for it too, and the prices are in the range I can afford at the moment. I am aware it lacks live view and SD card support and the lesser AF points. I dont really use live view expect the time I do astrophotography, which wont really be an issue for me. I will be using my Nikon D5000 as a second body anyways, if something of that sort comes up.

The shutter count of the device I have contacted about, is close to 70k. Any advice would be very much appreciated..Thanks!


For the landscapes I'd say the advantage would be minimal, perhaps you could say the 5D might be able to get away with using cheaper older lenses to give similar performance.

More DOF control would be my #1 reason for buying a 5D over a D5000 today, especially again if your on a tight budget for lenses as well.

Thanks. But how exactly are the lenses cheaper for 5D ? Or did you mean the used ones which I was refering to? And yes,its a tight budget

Used would certainly be one option for cheaper lenses.

As far as landscapes go you could potentially pickup some older used ultra wide lenses, performance might not be amazing but on a 12 MP camera it wouldn't show up as much as on say a D800. Of course if cheaper UWA was what you wanted then one alternative might be to get an ASPC canon body used and buy the new 10-18 that's very cheap.

For portraits its more a case of the equivalent DOF tending to be cheaper both new and used. The 50mm 1.8 on a 5D will have a shallower DOF than a Sigma 30mm 1.4 on your D500 whilst both having similar FOV and also being a lot cheaper.

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